Need to stay on top of your OEM parts supply?  Kanban, and JIT delivery is no problem.  We can create a stocking program to keep you supplied and on budget for all your plastic fabrication needs.

Regardless of what serice you need, plastic fabrication or plastic machining, PolyTech Fabrication can supply you with on time, quality parts that fit your delivery schedules.

material spec


industrial plastic fabrication

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clear dividers and partitions

Having the right tools at the right time

Whether you are in the ER/OR or the grocery store and you need sanitary dividers for partitions,  sneeze guards or sanitary shields, look no further.  From flat panels to machined and bent covers we can supply the right materials and fabricate them to meet your needs. 


Truly, one of the best parts of the job!  So many materials out there right?  Don't want to over engineer, but don' t want to replace parts and have downtime.  With over two decades of experience in the  plastic fabrication industry we can help spec materials for any application.

PolyTech Fabrication has worked in many various industries including, biomed, transportation, medical, mining and government. 

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We provide plastic CNC routing to many industries and for a multitude of applications.  We can assist with small and large quantity runs.

Our tooling is optimized for plastic machining.  From Acrylic and Nylon, to Teflon, Polycarbonate and ABS we can produce your machined parts.

Due to our experience in the field of plastic fabrication we are able to create new and cost effective ways of facilitating your project.  There are many ways to provide quality parts in a cost effective and sustainable method.  Thinking outside the typical parameters and utilizing a few trade secrets of our own, allows us to capitalize on being the best in the industry.  


Having been in the plastic fabrication industry for over 20 years, we have seen changes in materials, processes and techniques, we are always excited to see new requirements and help create new projects.  Bring us your new ideas, worst problems, or tried and true products, and we will create solutions for you.

When your project needs detail and on time completion, look no further than PolyTech Fabrication, Inc.  
We innovate. 
We deliver. 

PolyTech Fabrication, Inc holds true to the the idea that dedicated service, experience in the industry, and quality on time products will create lasting business relationships.  PolyTech has done plastic fabrication and machining work for publicly traded companies, medical laboratories, and transportation companies throughout the US.   Located in  Wasatch county, one of the nation's fastest growing counties, PolyTech keeps a local feel but with the close connection to Utah's largest metro areas.   

cnc routing

From Plexiglas sheets to complex machined components, PolyTech Fabrication has the capabilities to deliver. 

We pride ourselves on our plastic fabrication abilities and we think you will be impressed with our work.  We provide all aspects of fabrication including; cutting plastic sheets,  machining, polishing, buffing, bending, gluing, drilling, routing,  and assembly.......yes we do that too.  




From design to the finished product

We see the clever aspects of custom fabrication in tradeshow booth displays, POP marketing, industrial components, laboratory devices, testing equipment......the list goes on.   At PolyTech Fabrication, Inc. we can create custom fabricated parts in acrylic, polycarbonate, mechanical plastics, and all others, to meet any industry requirements. 

oem parts

             SERVICE    QUALITY



- cutting



- CNC routing

- laminating

- assembly

- buffing

- polishing

-solidworks design  

-material spec